Thursday, 5 July 2012

Rainbow Woven Half-Hitch Pouch 

I had one of my wife's friends see the other woven and half-hitch pouches that i made the other day, she asked if i could do a rainbow pattern for her to use as a coin pouch.
I gave it some thought and decided to give it a try. I cut some 550 cord approx 150mm long in each colour that i had on hand removed the centre strands and then went to work melting the paracord back together trying to keen the joins as smooth as possible.
When they were all joined i had a rainbow coloured cord approx 1800mm long i then added a length of gutted black that was 1800mm long to the rainbow coloured and started to wing it around the impulse bottle that i have been using on the other pouches.
I was i little concerned when i started that the joins in the different colours would make this project look cheep and nasty but they wove in really well and there is only one join that is in the middle of a weave that can be seen. this is a great way to use up any off cuts of paracord that you have, the next one i make will have shorter lengths maybe 75-100mm.

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